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“Manesco Women” committee was created in 2016 with the purpose of institutionalizing actions aimed at gender equality within banking. Armed with the intention of promoting an equitable and welcoming environment for all women, the firm intends to be an active player in eliminating distortions in professional practice with the ultimate aim of making gender equity a permanent reality.

The initiative involves events, monitoring of women's careers and their professional development journey, dissemination of legal content related to gender equality, actions to increase the representation of women in management and leadership positions, improvement of maternity and paternity leave, support breastfeeding and breastfeeding, flexibility of schedules, among other measures. These initiatives are based on historical demands forged in the struggle of black women, in constant dialogue with the Manesco Committee for Racial Inclusion (CMIR).


The firm adhered to two important international commitments about the women’s cause: the ONU WEP and the ERA Pledge.


The Committee is made up of partners, partners, associates, associates and members of the administrative area with the objective of building actions in a more representative way within the office.

The bank adhered to two important international commitments on the subject. In 2018, to the Women's Empowerment Principles (WEP), of the United Nations (UN), which establishes seven principles that must be adopted by companies committed to the female cause, among which "establish high-level corporate leadership" and "promote education, training and professional development of women”. It also became a signatory to the Global Compact initiative "Equity is a priority: gender", which aims to increase the number of women in senior leadership at the office, with the goal of having 30% of women occupy senior leadership positions by 2025, and having 50% women in senior leadership positions by 2030.

As for its clients and partners, Manesco seeks not only to engage them in the promotion of gender equity, but also to guide them on the latest legislative and jurisprudential innovations related to the subject. By monitoring affirmative actions in public procurement, as well as monitoring contractual impacts related to gender equality, the firm aims to keep its network of contacts up to date with the best practices recommended or required of private agents.

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