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“Manesco Women” committee was created in 2016, aiming at discussing and implementing internal actions towards the women’s empowerment, fostering gender equality in the professional sphere. The initiative has promoted meetings and sensitivity raising debates, support to nursing mothers and breastfeeding, improvement of the maternity and parental-leave, flexible work schedule, among other measures.

Besides being merely neutral in relation to gender, Manesco intends to be an effective actor in eliminating gender distortions in the professional practice and in the promotion of women’s entrepreneurship.


The firm adhered to two important international commitments about the women’s cause: the ONU WEP and the ERA Pledge.


The firm adhered to two important international commitments about the women’s cause: the ONU WEP and the ERA Pledge.

Manesco Women has also led the firm to seek similar initiatives and to adhere to two important international commitments to the theme.

In 2018, Manesco adhered to the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEP), from the United Nations Organization (ONU), which establishes seven principles that must be adopted by the companies committed to the women’s cause. Among the principles are: “to establish high level corporate leadership” and “to promote education, training and professional development of the women”.

In 2019, it also became signatory of the Equal Representation in Arbitration (ERA Pledge), a commitment produced by the Arbitration Community, in 2015, aiming at increasing, on equal opportunities, the number of women appointed as arbitrators. Such a commitment is a result of a collaborative effort between global representatives of business entities, states, arbitration institutions, arbitration professionals and academics, whose main objectives are “to better the women’s profile and representation in the arbitration” and “to appoint women as arbitrators with equal opportunities”.

In 2020, the Manesco Women Committee approved the Institutional Policy for Women's Empowerment. Its main objective is to consolidate and formalize practices that were already being adopted by Manesco, in favor of gender equity and fighting any form of prejudice and discrimination. Among the principles that guide the Women's Empowerment Policy, the following stand out: (i) commitment to gender equality and to the promotion of women in their work environment; (ii) commitment to non-discrimination and equal opportunities for all its employees; and (iii) repudiation of any form of discrimination based on gender and moral or sexual harassment of any of its employees.

It also became a signatory of the Global Compact initiative "Equity is a priority: gender", which aims to increase the number of women in the firm's top leadership, with the goal for 2030 of gender parity in these positions.

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