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The Manesco Committee for Racial Inclusion (CMIR) was created in 2020, and its purpose is to discuss and implement actions for the inclusion and permanence of black people and the promotion of racial equality.

In addition to taking a stand against any form of discrimination, the office seeks to act effectively in tackling racial inequality. With that in mind, in 2020, CMIR approved the Institutional Policy for Racial Inclusion, whose objective is to consolidate and formalize practices adopted by Manesco, in favor of racial equity and combating any form of prejudice and discrimination.

The Institutional Policy for Racial Inclusion is governed by the following principles: (i) intolerance of any racist conduct that may eventually be practiced by employees; (ii) commitment to equal opportunities for all employees; (iii) commitment to work for racial equity from the perspective of attracting, retaining and developing black and black professionals; and (iv) rejection of any form of discrimination based on color or race against any of its employees.

Among the practices aimed at promoting racial equity within the scope of Manesco, a plan of goals was established regarding the proportion of black employees and black employees in the office's staff. The mentioned affirmative actions aim to have 35% of black interns in law firms by 2023, and 40% by 2027. the body of interns trained by Manesco, the firm's goal is to have 10% of its associate lawyers and male associate lawyers black by 2027 and 20% by 2031.

As for customers and partners, Manesco seeks not only to engage them in the fight against racial discrimination, but also to guide them on the latest legislative and jurisprudential innovations related to the subject. By monitoring affirmative actions in public procurement, as well as monitoring contractual impacts related to the theme of racial equity, the bank aims to keep its network of contacts up to date with the anti-racist practices recommended or required of private agents.

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