Vinicius Alvarenga e Veiga
Vinicius Alvarenga e Veiga
São Paulo/SP
+55 (11) 3068-4700

Master's Degree in Administrative Law from the University of São Paulo (USP), in progress.

Law degree from Universidade de São Paulo (USP), in 2018

Vinicius Alvarenga e Veiga

Administrative and Judicial Litigation, with a focus on Basic Sanitation, Executions against the Public Treasury, Administrative Bids and Contracts and Public and Political Agents.

He has been a guest professor at the School of Public Training of the Brazilian Society of Public Law (EFP-SBDP) since 2017.

He is an effective member of the Young Advocacy Commission of the OAB Section São Paulo, management 2019/2021.

Curriculum vitae


Participation in internal negotiations for the negotiation of billionaire debt by the Municipal Basic Sanitation Authority.

Participation in the design of regulatory proposals and legal opinions on the New Legal Framework for Basic Sanitation, 2020.

Preparation of legal theses aimed at protecting state competence in the creation of Basic Sanitation Microregions.

Suspension and defense of various administrative acts, notably public tenders and contracts in Basic Sanitation.

Elaboration of Legal Opinion of risk analysis in the acquisition of Precatorios of unionized public servants.

Defense of public servants' interests, individual or unionized, in several cases related to remuneration.

• Courts of Auditors will have to adapt to the new sanitation law • STF states that it is unconstitutional municipal law that reduces sewage tariff • TCE-SP decides which regulatory agency can inspect concessions • STF and STJ set theses to calculate farm condemnations • Precatory and small-value requisition: what are they? • The economic reparation of the military political amnesty in the face of social security reform • Principle of Presumption of Innocence and Early Execution of Penalty: argumentative analysis of the Supreme Federal Court in the delimitation of art. 5th, LVII, CF / 88

Grade A in the Final dissertation (Tese de Láurea), on “Atuação do Ministério Público do Estado de São Paulo, em inquéritos civis, diante do Metrô de São Paulo. (Performance of the Public Ministry of the state of São Paulo, in civil inquiries, regarding the Subway of the state of São Paulo).

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