Isabela Morbach
Isabela Morbach
São Paulo/SP
+55 (11) 3068-4700

PhD in Energy Planning from the Institute of Energy and Environment, University of São Paulo, with a period at Imperial College London, UK, in progress.

Master’s degree in economic and financial Law from Universidade de São Paulo (USP), in 2017.

Specialization in Economic Law at Fundação Getúlio Vargas (FGV), in 2013.

Law Degree from Universidade Federal do Pará, in 2012.

Isabela Morbach

Public Law and Regulation. Expertise in project modeling, bidding and administrative contracts; and strategic state partnerships.

She also has experience in regulating carbon capture and storage, biofuels, renewable energies and other sustainable technologies with a focus on energy transition and decarbonization of the economy.

She is a researcher at the Research Center for Greenhouse Gas Innovation (USP), where she researches public policy and regulation of energy transition mechanisms, technological innovation aimed at reducing CO2 emissions and carbon markets.


He was part of the research project (RCGI/USP) that resulted in the draft proposal for a regulatory framework for the geological storage of CO2 in Brazil.

• COSTA, H. K. M .; SIMOES, A. F.; MOUTINHO DOS SANTOS, E.; MACHADO E SILVA, I. M.. Legislative changes and impacts on royalties and special participation for direct administration bodies. UFMA Public Policy Review, Vol. 21, p • MACHADO E SILVA, Isabela Morbach. Social Petroleum Fund: where does it come from and where is it going ?. Magazine of the Faculty of Law of UERJ. , v.1, p.118 - 130, 2016 • COP-26: What is the climate conference and how important is the debate? • Technology for geological storage of CO2 can reduce global warming
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