Carine de Oliveira Dantas
Carine de Oliveira Dantas
São Paulo/SP
+55 (21) 96926-7035

Specialization in Civil Procedure from the State University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ), Lato Sensu Postgraduate in Contemporary Civil Procedural Law: new trends", with the theme "Popular Action as a Means of Control of Administrative Acts: doctrinal and empirical analysis of the Court of Justice of the State of Rio de Janeiro, in 2022.

Law degree from Universidade Federal Fluminense (UFF), in 2019.

Carine de Oliveira Dantas

Public Law, with emphasis on administrative and judicial litigation. Extensive experience in the Courts of Justice of the State of Rio de Janeiro and the State of São Paulo, in addition to experience in procedures of the Courts of Auditors, mainly TCU, TCE/RJ and TCM/RJ. It also works in civil investigations by the Federal and State Prosecutors of Rio de Janeiro.


Sponsorship of individuals and legal entities in account rendering proceedings in the Courts of Accounts.

Performance in collection actions in the face of the government in contract breach causes.

Experience in the defense of concessionaires in administrative claims within the scope of contact execution, including requests for rebalancing and defense of contractual fines.

• The drama of creditors in the city of Rio • Legal uncertainty and prescription in the Audit Courts • The new Bidding Law and colorful old clothes: the inertia in the application of 14,133 • Women in control: female representation in the Audit Courts • Order in the queue of creditors in the city of Rio de Janeiro • TCU finds 'blackout' in federal public policies for the LGBTQIAP+ population under Bolsonaro • Precedent 347 and the TCU: change or reaffirmation of the STF?s position?
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