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OCTOBER, 10 - 2023
nº 903
Recife launches pioneering Social Localization project; experience can be the basis for MCMV

During the last few weeks, the public consultation of the PPP "Morar no Centro" was open, an initiative that will provide social housing in the center of Recife, through Social Leasing. The result of the joint effort of Caixa Econômica Federal, the Ministry of Cities, the Civil House and the Municipality of Recife, the project is one of the first in the country to implement Social Leasing, restoring public buildings that were previously underused and providing for the construction of new units that They will subsequently be rented at below market prices, with a maximum ceiling of 30% of family income.

In addition to the renovation and construction of the units, the project foresees that the homes will be delivered with basic furniture and white goods equipment, in addition to including condominium management and social work services under the concessionaire's responsibility. The maximum consideration, that is, the amount that the city hall must transfer monthly to the private sector, is set at R$1,942,837.94. The contract will be in force for 25 years and the expected investment in the structure, which will be the responsibility of the contracted company, is R$212.8 million.

"It is a new mechanism for the country, but very established globally and with the potential to generate positive impact for the city and the population as a whole: residential occupation of the center, recovery of previously underused buildings and the inclusion of management services condominium developments that add a lot to the ecosystem of public housing policies", said Mariana Chiesa, partner at Manesco and member of the consortium responsible for modeling the project, to Broadcast.

Find out more about PPP Living in the Center.

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