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DECEMBER, 06 - 2022
nº 859
Manesco Woman Committee debates the challenges of the road and public transport sector
From left to right, standing: Maís Moreno, Paola Faccini, Mariana Magalhães, Raquel Guimarães, Fernanda Rodrigues, Telma Lisowski, Luana Godinho, Tatiana Cymbalista, Renata Dantas e Roberta Dal Sasso. Sitting: Niege Chaves, Maria Gabriela Cruz, Mariana Ch

The Manesco Woman Committee, an affinity group to promote gender equality from the Manesco Law Firm, held on the morning of last Friday, December 2, the event “Women on highways and public transport on wheels ”.

The main objectives of the initiative are to strengthen female networks to face the challenges of the infrastructure sector (which is still very male) and to think of solutions for the future, especially with regard to current issues such as environmental and social governance and urban mobility.

Professional trajectories, challenges and episodes involving gender issues in daily professional life were exposed and discussed.

Understand how the carbon market can help the environment and you can participate

Lawyer Tatiana Cymbalista spoke with journalist Lourival Sant'Anna. They commented on the carbon market and Brazil's role in this context, among other topics.

Their conversation is recorded in this week's Earth Charter newsletter and also on video.

The first of them, "Understand how the carbon market can help the environment and you can participate", is already available on the Earth News Terra YouTube channel. Two more videos will be added during this week.

News from Rio de Janeiro

ALERJ approves final report of CPI on trains
In a single session, the Assembly approved the final text of the report with several recommendations to the Management bodies. Among the suggested measures, the following stand out: (i) to the Executive Branch, the qualification and modernization of the train system with resources from CEDAE, (ii) to Supervia, the return of express trains and (iii) to the TCE, the audit of utility revenue.


ALERJ approves final report of public debt CPI
The deputies welcomed the text produced by the Commission, which lasted 5 months. The conclusion of the CPI was that, with the applicable interest rates and monetary restatement, the debt of the State of Rio with the Union becomes unpayable. Proposals were sent to the National Treasury, Congress and the Government of Rio de Janeiro that suggest measures to revise these criteria.


Government extends Maracanã's "buffer" contract
The State of Rio extended, for the 8th time, the onerous permission to use the Maracanã Complex, an instrument signed with the Clube de Regatas do Flamengo and which has the Fluminense Footbal Club as an intervening party. The contract has a duration of 180 days, starting on 10/29/2022. The TCE maintains the injunction that suspends the final bidding process for the Complex.


The article "The Public Ministry's Formal Action Space between 1989 and 2016: Incremental Changes and Strategic Activation", by lawyer Débora Dossiatti de Lima, along with other authors, was included as mandatory reading in the discipline "Controls and democracy: the institutions of control over Brazilian public administration" from the graduate program in Public Administration and Government at FGV EASP (Fundação Getúlio Vargas School of Business Administration in São Paulo).


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