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AUGUST, 30 - 2021
nº 796
Infrastructure investments for the second half of 2021
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Manesco sends its clients its international newsletter, through which it presents some of the main infrastructure projects that have already been presented or are in the process of being presented by the Federal Government, between the second half of 2021 and the year 2022.

The Ministry of Infrastructure (Minfra) estimates that the concessions of public assets to the private sector will yield around R$260 billion in investments in the infrastructure sector, until the end of next year.

For the air sector, Minfra forecasts investments of R$308,9 million for the second half of 2021, leaving only one asset out of the list of the 25 mentioned in 2020: São Gonçalo do Amarante, in the metropolitan region of the city of Natal (RN).

The Port Sector forecasts a total of R$2.35 billion in investments for 18 leases and the privatization of Companhia de Docas do Espírito Santo – Codesa (Dock Company).

In addition, according to Tarcísio Gomes de Freitas, Minister of Infrastructure, the Port of Santos (SP) is expected to be the largest port lease auction in the Brazilian history. The project is still awaiting the decision from TCU. (The Audit Court).

For the railway sector, investments of around R$16.77 billion were expected in 2021, comprising a total of 3 railway projects: Ferrogrão, extension of the MRS and Fiol (which had its auction held in April this year). The promise for the sector is the New Legal Framework for Railways – PLS 261, which will allow railways to be built under the authorization regime in accordance with the business model.

As for the road sector, there are still four concessions open, which are in a new version of the document. An investment of R$23.57 billion in the sector is estimated.

Other projects are under discussion for next year, such as the auction of the radio frequency spectrum for fifth generation telecommunications networks – 5G, as well as the privatization of Centrais Elétricas Brasileiras S/A - Eletrobras (Brazilian Power Stations) and the privatization of the Brazilian Postal and Telegraph Company - The Post Office (Empresa Brasileira de Correios e Telégrafos - Correios).

Public procurement comparative guide
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Manesco was invited to contribute to the chapter on Brazil in the edition of the publication "Public Procurement Comparative Guide", from The Legal 500. The text addresses public procurement laws and regulations applicable in Brazil in a question and answer format. Marcos Augusto Perez and Anna Beatriz Savioli sign the text.

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