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Manesco is a reference in representing the interests of its clients in legal proceedings in matters of Public Law, such as tenders, claims for economic and financial rebalancing of administrative contracts, indemnity actions against the State, improbity actions, public civil actions and writs of mandamus. on various topics. There is also outstanding performance in the Superior Courts.

In addition, Manesco sponsors lawsuits aimed at resolving disputes in the course of executing the administrative contract, pre-arbitration precautionary measures, executing arbitral awards and other legal measures arising from and preceding arbitrations.

The office acts on behalf of national and international clients on judicial proceedings in both Public and Private Law.

Finally, he acts in private law, in contractual, tax, corporate and competition litigation, and in other matters of interest to our clients.

Judicial actions suspending TCU (Federal Audit Court) decisions which imposed fines, decreed the dishonesty of companies and interfered in leniency agreements signed with the Federal Prosecution Service (MPF).
Judicial proceeding against the national administration of prices of the road freight, implemented by the Federal Government and by the National Land Transportation Agency.
Indemnity in private ancillary contracts to the main EPC contract, with recovery in favor of the client, of approximately R$180 million.
Judicial representation of a company participant in the bidding process of CPTM (São Paulo Metropolitan Train Company), ensuring its contract in an amount exceeding R$45 million.
Suspension, in the Superior Court of Justice, of a company conviction on issues related to administrative misconduct, due to its emergency contracting.
Legal representation of highways concessionaires in Public Civil Actions to prevent the annulment of decision that readjusted tariffs and recognized the regularity in compliance with the Highways Exploration Plan.
Economic and financial rebalancing action of administrative contract on the concession and construction of the patio of the Monorail Line 17-Gold, implemented in the city of São Paulo.
Defense in responsibility action related to concession contract of BR116 exploration (Santa Catarina) and BR101 (Southern Sector)
Legal representation on the Allegation of Non-Compliance with Fundamental Precept before the Federal Supreme Court (STF), against the municipal law which determined the burial of infrastructure for electricity distribution services.
Defense in a misconduct action which suspended the blockage of financial assets of the company investigated in the Lava Jato operation (car wash operation).
Action of contractual damage recovery against the State of São Paulo, which resulted in final conviction in favor of the private contractor.
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