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The office acts in the various phases and fronts of the construction sector: public works, private construction, project conception, risk analysis, funding, dispute, execution and contract management.

For over 20 years, Manesco advises EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) contracts and other complex contracts, besides carrying out its management.

In the construction sector, the office acts in the various phases and fronts in public works and private construction. 

In the litigation area, the office acts in cases (judicial cases or arbitration) which encompasses hundreds of millions of reais, and it has obtained significant victories for its clients.

Legal advice on the elaboration of EPC contract for the construction of railways in the northern region of the country.
Legal advice to hydroelectric construction consortium on arbitration involving indemnity of the EPC contract
Legal advice to airport construction consortium in arbitration in which the rupture of the economic and financial balance of the EPC contract was discussed
EPC negotiation in the mining areas, ports, urban transport and airports.
Claim for contractual Economic-financial balance (claims) on highways, airports, subways.
Strategic management of the execution of the contract work with the subway of São Paulo, for the construction of Line 4-Yellow.
Management of the administrative contract for the construction of Line 17-Gold stations, in São Paulo
Legal modeling of São Paulo Metro Line 6-Orange PPP
Legal advice during bidding for construction, maintenance and operation of Guarulhos, Viracopos and Brasília Airports
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