‘Manesco, Ramires, Perez, Azevedo Marques’ Office develops specialized juridical consultancy and accompaniment of judicial actions, arbitral proceedings and administrative processes.


The operation focus of the Office is on the so called Public and Entrepreneurial Law, area in which it has full mastery and in which it performs a wide range of works, among which stand out: the creation, alteration, incorporation and fusion of companies and company groups; the elaboration and revision of commercial contracts, administrative contracts and EPC contracts; the modeling of Franchises and Public-Private Partnerships; the defense in public civil actions and of administrative improbity; the consultancy in Public and Private Tender; the estate in popular actions, injunctions, compensation actions, contractual compliance actions and direct unconstitutionality actions and the accompaniment of administrative processes in the Court of Auditors, Taxes and Fees Court, Contributors’ Council, Regulatory Agencies, Brazilian Competition Defense System.


Are notory, furthermore, the reputation and collection of experiences of ‘Manesco, Ramires, Perez e Azevedo Marquesin the infrastructure economic sector, related to which it’s worth to emphasize the operation in Telecommunication; Electric Energy; Sanitation; Public Transports; Highways; Railways; Ports; Hospitals; Satellite; Oil and Gas and Sport Arenas.